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Kvm User Agreement Form

“Arm Tools Performance Data” refers to all results, comparative data or other information relating to your use or control of ArmTools Tools, which indicate their performance, effectiveness, reliability or quality. 3.3. The reproduction of the code or the translation of its form within the meaning of Article 74, paragraphs 4.1 and 4.2, of the Copyright and Neighbouring Law Act of 4 February 1994 does not require the consent of the licensee if it is necessary to collect the necessary information to ensure the interoperability of a computer program developed independently with other computer programmes, 6.1 You recognize that arm tools, license keys, resource management tools and any other software, documentation or other information that have been granted to you or made available to you during discussions about or related to arm tools (including this license and the information provided when providing arm assistance) , Arm`s trade secrets and confidential information (“Confidential Information”). You can find the user`s documentation on the software on the “Support” page of the Belkin website in question. 3.1 You may, at your discretion, convey suggestions, comments, comments, ideas or know-how (orally or in writing) that relate to or related to your use of arm tools (“Feedback”). Regardless of the above, you must not knowingly give Arm a feedback that you know (or should reasonably be known) that is subject to a patent, copyright or other intellectual property rights or third party rights. 4.1 Arm software may contain features that allow it to transfer certain computer information over the Internet to the computer systems of Bras and/or its service providers. For example, the address of your computer`s Internet protocol, computer hardware and operating system details, or the serial numbers of the Arm tools you allow. This information is not disclosed to third parties and is only used by Arm to protect its legitimate interests, which may include the poor to verify your right to use arm tools and to monitor your compliance with the permitted use and use restrictions of this license.

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