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Nteu Telework Agreement

NTEU filed a complaint against HHS` decision to unilaterally reorganize the Living Community Administration and force about 20 bargaining unit employees from across the country to relocate to Washington, D.C. An arbitrator agreed that HHS violated the contract and ordered the parties to hold a hearing to decide on the solution of this problem. NTEU will endeavour to allow affected workers to return home at the Agency`s expense and work full-time. This is an important victory for all HHS employees. Whenever management reorganized the departments without negotiation with NTEU, the union responded with maladministration. The tenacity of NTEU has contributed to HHS`s failure to unilaterally restructure. NTEU questions HHS` unilateral changes to the Annual Awards Program in der Administration for Children and Families (ACF). These changes are contrary to the 2010/2014 consolidated contract, which remains in force until negotiations between NTEU and HHS on a new agreement are concluded. ACF changes the fixed premium, although the negotiated section indicates the percentage of salary employees can receive as a benefit bonus.

NTEU will continue to ensure that ACF employees who earn bonuses that are earned by them. NTEU continues to be committed to individual staff. An executive rejected a request from a consumer protection official and member of Chapter 254 (FDA Kansas City) for a five-day telework. For years, the CSO had a five-day episodic telework and reported its inspection work to another office in another state. The supervisor applied weekly to the CSO for permission to telework, and each week he granted the request. The refusal of recurrent telework was not only unreasonable, but also a breach of contract. An arbitrator agreed with NTEU and ordered that the Agency give the CSO the recurring telework plan it requests. The panel`s recent decision gives the SSA “sufficient controls to ensure that telework does not affect employee performance,” Mark Hinkle, a spokesman for the agency, said in a statement to the Federal News Network. “All indications are that the pilot was successful or that the three-day and four-day telework did not prejudice the agency performing its mission,” the panel`s decision reads. At about the same time, a new collective agreement between the National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) came into effect for all workers in the collective agreement unit, which extended telework options to full-time telework.

I studied the concept of full-time telework with my management and the union. I am pleased to say that I am writing this blog from Albuquerque, New Mexico, as an employee of the EPO headquarters, attached to the Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance (OECA)…. As the Social Security Administration prepares to end a six-year telework program for some 11,000 employees of the company, another part of the Agency`s staff has just had a little more luck.

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