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The Tree Agreement Poem

This challenge is aimed at authors under the age of 25 who are established all over the world. The deadline for submission is midnight, Sunday, January 20, 2019. You can send a written poem or recording as a video or audio file. You can send as many poems as you want. Write down as many names of some trees and their parts as possible: spruce, oak, yew, branch, root. You might like to search for photos of trees to find their names – the Woodland Trust site could be useful if you`re based in the UK. Scribble everything that comes to mind! Elise describes her own letter as “quite methodical.” “I try to be ready if I notice an idea for a poem. There will be eight out of 40 poems in my new book that deal with dreams and I will keep a dream journal,” she explained. I have a small brown notebook in which I write the poems. I do all my revisions on my computer.

I try to give myself time during the week and I write in my diary: “Write”. “She refers to her `daughter, the poet`, and she takes one of my poems and kisses her,” she says. Thank you for your comment. No, there is no limit to this challenge. I can`t wait to read your poems! Their first call to poetry is to write a story about a tree. You could invent a story or explore a myth or story related to a famous tree (like John Keats` mulberry tree, Isaac Newton`s tree, or Trafalgar Square`s Christmas tree). You could say something to the reader, while showing them the opposite by your choice of language. If you get stuck, choose a single line in Paterson`s poem (or any other tree poem in this challenge), write it at the top of your page and write it freely in one way or another – continue thinking in that line, react or take it as a point of inspiration.

The leaves rotate. In fact, near my home, there is a ginkgo — which I still consider the typical Chinese tree. This morning I saw an apple tree from the suburban train on the surface (it`s not that fast, but prettier than yours) and it reminded me of my penultimate visit to Beijing. His poem “The Tree Agreement” is published in the January issue of Poetics magazine and focuses on ecojustice. Another poem, “Lear`s Wife,” will appear in a later edition in 2016. “I`m not good at sending my work,” she says. “I keep it close to me for a while.” Thank you for your comment. You can send it to us in two different ways, as long as you make it clear that you want the text and the recording to be considered together. For example, you can email us the poem with your data and send us a WeTransfer link (or similar link) for registration, in which you indicate that you need to search for the text in a poem. I hope that makes sense — let us let us know if you have any questions. If you want us to confirm that we have received both parties, enter “confirm receipt” in the subject of each party! Write about the Christmas tree.

Christmas trees are great in Western tree cultivation: many of the poems we`ve looked at are about Christmas, z.B trees. Cummings to Jackie Kay. There are many competing stories about the history of the Christmas tree and the assembly and dismantling of a Christmas tree is also very ritualistic. Do you have traditions in your family, friends or community to decorate or cut down the tree? “Taking Down the Tree” is actually called Jane Kenyon`s poem. The tone of the poem has “a little more than caution,” reflecting the gentle touch of the spokesperson who removes the decorations. The ending is wonderfully reminiscent of the post-Christmas feeling: Convento Capucho. “A new poem by me talks about the technique of capuchin monks that Salvador Dali uses to hold back his dreams. I was fascinated to visit this monastery of the Capuchin monks which was built in the rocks of the Sintra National Clamping Park….

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