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The final vote took place just moments before Congress opened impeachment proceedings, with House Democrats reading formal charges from the Senate well. With the process and an election year, Congress is not expected to pass many important laws. The trade law gives lawmakers from both sides the opportunity to report progress on an important economic issue before the November vote. Trump`s version still allows free trade to flow across the North American borders of the three countries. But it updates the pact to reflect the rise of e-commerce and other aspects of the digital economy that did not yet exist in the NAFTA negotiations. “A full week of substantial achievements for the nation, for the president and for our international trade,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said just before the vote. WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate on Thursday overwhelmingly approved a new North American trade deal rewriting trade rules with Canada and Mexico and providing a significant political victory for President Donald Trump before senators turned their full attention to his impeachment proceedings. Trump pledged in 2016 to tear up trade deals that he said increased the country`s trade deficit and cost the country manufacturing jobs. He promised he would rewrite NAFTA if elected, a pact he called “the worst trade deal in history.” He can now go to Swing States like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and tell voters that he has kept that promise.

The vote was cancelled by 89 votes to 10. The measure is addressed to Trump for signature. It would replace the 25-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement, known as NAFTA, which has broken down the largest number of trade barriers and caused increased trade. But Trump and other critics have accused the pact of encouraging the United States. Companies that relocate their production sites south of the border to take advantage of the benefits of low-wage Mexican workers. The International Trade Commission predicted in April that the trade deal would boost the economy by $68 billion and create 176,000 jobs six years after it went into effect. This is hardly a wave in an economy of $21 trillion a year, but many senators have found that key industries in their country support the deal. The passage of the trade law, called the USMCA, came a day after Mr.

Trump signed a new trade deal with China, which eased trade tensions between economic powers. The pact replaces Trump`s North American Free Trade Agreement, which came into effect in 1994. NAFTA has reduced tariffs and eliminated most trade barriers on the continent. In this way, NAFTA triggered a trade spurt between the United States, Canada and Mexico. Republicans and the president complained about the time it took to conclude negotiations, but the talks resulted in a rare mix of support for a trade deal. WASHINGTON (AP) — By signing a revised trade deal with Mexico and Canada on Wednesday, President Donald Trump kept an election promise to improve a deal he had long condemned. Probably not much. Trade accounts for a relatively small share of the U.S. economy.

And trade with Mexico and Canada is even smaller. In an analysis last year, the Independent International Trade Commission calculated that the USMCA would add 0.35 percent or $68 billion to economic growth and create 176,000 jobs over six years – just a slippage in a $22 trillion economy with 152 million non-farm jobs.

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